The faux laundry speakeasy entrance promises nothing until it gives way to an elegant bar that is an over-the-top homage to the magic bars popular in Chicago during the 20th Century. Chicago Magic Lounge is a beautiful, artful and unique set of performance rooms, rendered as shabby-to-stunning deco scenic design. It is an ideal set of rooms for magic behind an unassuming façade of channel glass, brickwork and period posters. Chicago Magic never died out, but it had become rootless. This venue plants its flag again with a permanent home in Andersonville, one of the great neighborhoods of the City. 
CML includes two stages, performance bar, support spaces for magicians and full kitchen. The asymmetrical cabaret seating area includes four tops, banquets and drink rails that split focus on the stage and entry sequence as the audiences emerges from one last ingressive twist. The seating allows magicians to work directly at patrons’ tables while food and drink are served. The small stage that is the focus of the 110 seats, provides the right amount of working space for headlining magicians.

Number of seats: 228.
Location: Chicago, Illinois.