Raven moved into their new home, a former grocery store, in the summer of 2002. The column-free space was carved into two theaters -- a 160-seat mainstage and a 60-seat studio space that are acoustically isolated from one another. The large storefront windows that used to be filled with ads for produce and meat now allow passersby to peer into the new lobby space. The original inventory and loading wing is now used for support space, including dressing rooms, office space, and storage. "It may be the prosaic former home of the Certified Grocery Score, but the two-story building has been turned by the noted Chicago theater architect John Morris into a two-theater arts complex that cannot help but raise the Raven's profile and give this tiny troupe one of the nicest and most practical venues for theater on Chicago's North Side." -Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune, Aug. 18, 2002 "Check out the wall of before-and-after photographs that hang in the lobby of the new $1.5 million Raven Theatre and you will see how a grungy, old-fashioned, 10,000 square foot supermarket was turned into a sparkling, ultra-modern theater." -Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times, Aug. 20, 2002

Number of seats: 220.
Location: Chicago, Illinois.